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14 Smart Strategies For Effectively And Efficiently Modernizing Legacy Tech

Following is an excerpt of a Forbes Technology Council post 14 Smart Strategies For Effectively And Efficiently Modernizing Legacy Tech that included a quote from SciMar CEO Donna Conroy, MS.

Aug 23, 2022 - From security to productivity, there are compelling reasons for a company to modernize its legacy tech—even when it’s “still working.” Unfortunately, it’s not a simple question of buying a new slate of software. It’s essential to ensure that processes and productivity aren’t negatively impacted during the switch and that everyone on the team understands what’s at

stake and is ready (and willing) to learn and adopt the new tools coming in.

To keep up with the competition—and to avoid a catastrophic shutdown if legacy tech suddenly breaks down or can’t be serviced any longer—businesses operating with high levels of technical debt must form a smart plan for modernization. Below, 14 members of Forbes Technology Council share smart strategies tech leaders can leverage as they guide their organizations in sunsetting legacy tech.

Look For A New Solution Whose Team Understands Your Current System

When the team feels it’s “still working,” it’s important to identify new technology solutions with founders and developers who have experience with the legacy system. Often, their modern solution offers better efficiency and other benefits driven by their experience. Understand the potential efficiencies, work together to develop metrics from those claims and put milestones in place to prove them. - Donna Conroy, SciMar ONE, INC

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