A New Jersey-based, woman-owned business focused on technologies that move scientific advancements out of development and into the market faster and safer. 
SciMar is proud to be a member of the Women In Cloud (WIC) Microsoft Cloud Accelerator 3.0, dedicated to partnering with women-led tech companies to co-build, co-market and co-sell with Microsoft and its distribution channels.  
AI in Pharma 
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Published in Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, this article discusses overall utility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma. 


The discussion includes AI use in drug discovery through commercialization with an in-depth look at an overlooked component, the development process: learn how AI can advance scientific innovations (drugs, vaccines and testing) more efficiently and safely during this critical process! 

C2G: Conference to Go

 Conference Coverage... "Automagically"


Strategically prioritize the most relevant sessions:  

- Create a personal calendar  

- Organize time efficiently


Stay informed of conference updates 


- Tag important content and share

- Provide feedback and take notes 

What We Do



Scientific Communications

- Congress Planning, Coverage & Reports 

- Knowledge transfer

- Clinical slide decks

- Communication Platform

- Scientific statements & story

- Scientific message architecture

- Scientific reports

- Brand or disease repository

- Advisory boards

- Global Steering Committees

Strategic Initiatives

Deep Dives & Gap Analysis

- Ongoing Data Analysis

- Communication plan & strategy

- Medical planning / strategy  

- Brand / portfolio strategy

- Strategic playbooks

- Lifecycle management

- Patient Journey


- Congress Planning, Coverage & Reports (Digital)

- Communication Platform

- Data Aggregation, Tracking & Visualization

- Brand or disease repository

- Communication plan & strategy

Company Values

Executive Leadership


Instill Creativity and Flexibility

Combine emerging science
with the art of marketing

Integrate a dynamic, customized
and comprehensive approach
to scientific brand building

Maintain Integrity thru Transparency

Constant communication &
partnership with our clients

Bring connectivity to the client’s
international teams

Maintain accuracy of scientific data

Reduce risk and eliminate bias

Be Visionary

Identify previously unseen
product opportunities

Deliver products thru
emerging technology

Keep the TOTAL Employee in Mind

Commitment to work-life balance

Stimulate inspiration, insight
and enthusiasm

Maintain a professional and collegial environment 


Donna Conroy, MS

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Donna Conroy, M.S. is CEO/ founder overseeing the scientific team. A microbiologist by trade, Donna’s career has focused on bringing science to patients: she identified causation of Acinetobacter resistance to imipenem causing nosocomial infections in NYC; she has extensive pharma experience as a commercial liaison to the clinical development team; and through her leadership at SciMar. Donna was named one of New Jersey’s Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs and has been accepted into the prestigious Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator, 2020.  Donna has a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and an MS in Microbiology 

Mike Conroy

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Mike Conroy has more than 30 years’ experience in information technology and application development. He is President and Chief Technology Officer of SciMar. He has served as an enterprise technologist, systems consultant and solution architect. Under his leadership at SciMar, Mike architected solutions for individual pharmaceutical clients with a global team of developers, UI/UX designers and administrators to deliver innovative solutions engineered for performance, reliability and global scalability. 

Our Leadership


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